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Top 5 LIC Life Insurance in 2019

All the people have different needs! And everyone’s thoughts are different too! Keeping them all in mind! About 20 LIC plans are now available in Market!

Today the topic of our discussion is Top 5 LIC Life Insurance! If you have to take LIC’s insurance policy but you are not able to take this decision! Which Policy Lo! So we will help you in getting the Best Insurance Policies! Many people always ask LIC’s best insurance plan! The one who meets their needs is the best plan for them! Before taking any policy, ask yourself two questions and clear their responses!

Purpose of Policy

The first question you should do with yourself is why you are taking this policy! For the future of the child, to marry the child’s marriage, education, business or anyone else to strengthen their economic roots, to plan your retirement or anybody want to give you any insurance plan in the gift!

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Single / Regular Premium Plan Policy

And another question should be whether you want a single plan policy or a regulatory plan policy! Meaning you have to pay the policy in one go or you want to fill it in month, 3 months, 6 months, or after 12 months.

So start with the Top 5 LIC Life Insurance

1. Jeevan Lakshya (Table No. 833)

This policy has the same name as this policy! If you want any work even after living or even die, then it works even if you live or not! This is one of the top 5 LIC Life Insurance policies for you!

If you are the owner of this policy and your death gets due to some reason then your premium stops and you get your fixed amount after the fixed time is over! Besides, after the death of the Policyholder, the nominee gets 10% of the total policy per policy till the time of insurance! This policy is famous as Kanyadan Policy !

2. Jeevan Labh (Table No.836)

If your objective is High Return and Wealth Creation, then you can take this LIC Insurance Policy! The return of this policy is very good! This is also one of our Top 5 LIC Life Insurance policies!

3. Single Premium Endowment (Table No. 817)

If you want to achieve your dream by submitting your premium only once, then this policy is the best policy for you! This policy is available from a single premium of 50 thousand! You can take as much as 50,000 as much as possible policy!

4. Jeevan Anand (Table No. 815)

This is one of the LIC’s best selling policies! This is a Whole Life Policy, in which you get the policy at the time you choose! And the life you have chosen is Whole Life Coverage! This is a regular premium paying policy!

5. Jeevan Shanti (Table No. 850)

If you want to take a policy plan for your own regular income ie pension plan, then this policy is made for you! This is a single premium policy that will give you fixed income in life! Unless you live with your life or your life partner, you will get enough life pension and your nominee will get the money you imposed!

These were some of our Top 5 LIC Life Insurance Policy Plan! If you like all you must share it with your friends!

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